The CreationEdit

10 Billion B.C. - The Ark spawns and from it come the Aliexans also known as the Aliexans. The Ark also creates Phantom

8 Billion B.C. - Aliexans take control of the Ark and with it start creating millions of galaxies one of which is the Milky Way.

5 Billion B.C. - Aliexans discover that they are not alone and the Ark has created Xin a more intelligent race than the Aliexans could of imagined. Xin and Aliexans go to war.

4 Billion B.C. - One Aliexan accidently creates a new planet which he calls N'Ova.

Act 1Edit

10,004 B.C. - Aliexans first arrive on Earth taking disguise as predators.

10,101 B.C. - Aliexans face many Tribes in what becomes known as the Invasion Wars.

1847 - An American man discovers the remains of an Aliexan ship and presents it he calls it a 'Cosmos Watcher' and says 'the men of the Cosmos are our true creators and we should respect them when they visit' everyone calls him insane.

Act 2Edit

2084 - The N.N.A is founded by President Simpson.

2104 - The Aliexans are found in Afghanistan by a N.N.A who in fear instantly attacks it this starts the second Invasion War.

2108 - The Aliexan Council comes to Earth on the Ark